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Life Good - Military Grade Self Defense Rod | Strong Alpha Extendable Telescopic Retractable Rod

Life Good - Military Grade Self Defense Rod | Strong Alpha Extendable Telescopic Retractable Rod

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Always Prepared For Your Self Defence When Travelling Alone, With Family, & During Road Trips To Unknown Lands!

This Military Grade Self Defence Extendable Rod Is Made of high-quality steel & Is Very Portable. You Can Carry It In Your Bag, Sling, Car Etc. Just A Button Push & You Have Your Armour Ready.

High Quality - The Retractable Rod is made up of high-grade military steel. It offers a reassuring sense of security, thanks to its robust frame and convenient, durable design. Its compactness makes it easy to carry, and it boasts a long lifespan

Portable - The Retractable Rod can be extended to 2.1 feet from 0.5 feet with just a button press. Enabling you to be better prepared for any kind of self-defence.

Easy To Use - The design is extremely easy to use for everyone. The button is very responsive and works like butter.

Must-Have For Women - Carrying a self-defence tool drastically reduces the chances of any kind of attack. Women who travel alone should always keep this rod in their bag for any unseen circumstances.

Must-Have For Old-Aged - Our old-aged family members need a stick or rod for support, but carrying that everywhere becomes a problem. This rod can be pushed and can be kept in a bag during travel.

Must Have For Trekkers - Trekker! You need this rod in your backpack for climbing and protecting yourself from animals.

Must-Have For Road Trippers - Exploring unknown lands is always fun! But you should never compromise with your safety. Always be ready for any situation. Keep the rod handy!

Easy Return - You get a 5-days easy return. Just drop a message on our Facebook or Insta or whatsApp (find the number in return tab) saying you want to return this and you'll get your money within 10 minutes of receving a reply from us :)


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