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Life Good - 2-in-1 Pro PTC Ceramic Electric Hair Straightener & Comb Brush

Life Good - 2-in-1 Pro PTC Ceramic Electric Hair Straightener & Comb Brush

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Get Straight Hair With Out Damaging Them! The PTC Ceramic Straightener Evenly Distribute The Heat & Provide A Glossy Finish!

3 in 1 function: Our Pro PTC Straightener brush is everything you need for a gorgeous and healthy hair, it combines the ceramic iron straightener with the best in the industry detangling brush and anion hair massager together, giving you a comfortable and amazing experience. 

Premium Quality: The Straightener's outer shell is crafted from top-notch ABS plastic, adorned with a premium-quality glossy finish. Its U-shaped comb teeth are constructed from PTC ceramic, ensuring a consistent and gentle heat application without harm to the hair. The anti-scalded tip of the hair straightening comb is heat-resistant, preventing direct contact with the inner plate and eliminating concerns about burns.

Quick Heating: Just 3 minutes for hair transformation. The built-in iron hair straightener features advanced ceramic heating (PTC) technology, achieving rapid heating in just 20 seconds. This upgraded technology allows for quick and even heating, covering more hair simultaneously. It makes straightening the ends and reaching close to the roots effortlessly achievable. With this hair straightener, you can transform your unruly hair into a sleek, straight look in just three minutes.

Safe: It effortlessly glides through your hair without causing any pulling—just a gentle stroke is all you need for smooth straightening. Unlike flat irons, its deep combing action tackles multiple layers of hair simultaneously, going beyond the surface. The anti-scalding design shields your scalp from high temperatures, and the flame-retardant plastic frame provides comprehensive protection. Additionally, the straightener comes with an automatic shut-off feature after 20 minutes, prioritizing the safety of both you and your family.

International Standards: Our hair straightener is compatible with international voltages ranging from 110V to 220V, making it convenient for travel purposes. By using a conversion plug, you can utilize it in any country you visit. Simply pack it in the included travel bag, and you can easily take it with you wherever your travels may lead.

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