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Life Good - Portable Hands-Free Mini Mop For Kitchen, Car, Furniture, and Glasses Cleaning

Life Good - Portable Hands-Free Mini Mop For Kitchen, Car, Furniture, and Glasses Cleaning

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Effortless Kitchen Cleaning Without Using Messy Wet Cleaning Clothes 

This easy-to-use advanced portable mop cleans kitchen, glass tops, mirrors and windows effortlessely! Say goodbye to messy wet cleaning clothes

Durable & Soft: Life Good - Portable Mop is made using high quality ABS & sponge material which can withstand regular usage. The vertical sleek design comes in handy for cleaning corners and provides easy moping, just rotate the handle and reach the tightest corener of the kitchen.

Self-Squeeze design: The mop comes with a self-squeeze technology to help you squeeze out excess water from the mop head with just a pull of the button. You don't have to touch the water or worry about spilling it. This feature ensures optimal dirt, dust, and spill absorption, leaving your floors and surfaces clean and gleam. These portable mini mops are ideal tools for home kitchen cleaning.

Advanced Cleaning Performance: The mini mop is fitted with a high soft and absorption sponge that has excellent water absorption capacity. The innovative rotating viral magic wiper head is designed to rotate as needed and hands-free design help you squeeze out dirty water efficiently without touching the water.

Perfect For Wet & Dry Surface: The magic wiper is suitable for both wet and dry use. It easily adsorps fine dust and small particles. The material is abrasion-resistant, breathable, and acid-resistant. Easily wipe away water stains with the ring-type push-pull design. The wiper conveniently folds in half at180-degree for strong squezzing and portablility. 

Compact: Boasting a lightweight and compact design, this product enables easy cleaning and storage. The small size of the mop head is particularly suitable for confined spaces like small apartments, dorm rooms, and Cars.

Fashion Statement: The vertical and sleek design of the mini mop is both simple and stylish, providing convenient storage and enhancing the beauty and functionality of your furniture decor. Perfect for those who appreciate a fashionable and uncomplicated lifestyle.


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