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Life Good - High Sound Quality Ultrapods Pro 2 Wireless Gaming Earphones Bluetooth 5.3 with LED Power Display

Life Good - High Sound Quality Ultrapods Pro 2 Wireless Gaming Earphones Bluetooth 5.3 with LED Power Display

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Game Up! Get Noticed With Futuristic Design & High Quality Earphones!

Glow Design: This futuristic earbuds with a crystal-clear transparent design and TWS model features an LED light under the case, enhancing its sleek look. The 3D embossed display allows users to easily check the power status of the Bluetooth earbuds. With a 480mAh battery capacity, the charging case provides four full charges for both 45mAh earbuds, each lasting up to six hours on a single charge.

Immersive Experience: Experience superior HiFi sound quality and a remarkable low-frequency experience with these wireless headphones. Whether you're in a loud environment or just on the go, the T8 earbuds deliver outstanding audio performance. Featuring a 10mm + 6mm vibrating diaphragm, these earbuds support SBC and ACC audio codecs, ensuring crisp and crystal-clear sound. This clarity extends to voice calls, where the T8 earbuds excel, making conversations exceptionally clear. The earbuds come with a sturdy silicon case, weighing just 47 grams, ensuring both durability and portability.

Intelligent Control: These wireless earbuds for Android feature smart touch control, allowing you to effortlessly manage calls, music playback, and volume without reaching for your phone. With four different sizes of ear tips included, our T8 earphones are designed to fit most ear canals comfortably. The silicone case that comes with the earbuds perfectly accommodates them, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for an enjoyable listening experience.

Bluetooth 5.3, One-Step Pairing: These wireless Bluetooth earbuds feature the latest Bluetooth version 5.3, which supports Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) transmission. The T8 wireless earbuds incorporate an innovative LDS Antenna design, ensuring stable signal transmission and improved anti-interference capability. To pair, simply pick up the headphone from the charging case, select "T8" on your Bluetooth device, and connect in just one step. The paired device will automatically reconnect the next time you use the earbuds.

Wireless and WaterProof Design: The charging case of these headphones features a cool light, and the color of the charging cable corresponds to the headphones. With an IPX4 waterproof rating, these wireless Bluetooth earbuds are suitable for use as sports headphones, allowing you to listen to music while running, working, cooking, and more. The charging case can be fully charged in about two hours, and when it's fully charged, the display will show "OK

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