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Life Good - Scalp Rejuvenator Deep Root Hair Oil Applicator & Massager 2-in-1

Life Good - Scalp Rejuvenator Deep Root Hair Oil Applicator & Massager 2-in-1

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Apply Your Hair Oil & Serum The Right Way For Maximum Results. 

Our 2-in-1 applicator and massager help rejuvenate your scalp while you carry on with your normal hair care routine!  Helping you reduce hair fall, dandruff, split ends, and get healthy hair!

How does it work? This hair oil applicator comb is designed to allow the hair oil or scalp lotion to penetrate deeply into the hair roots while massaging the scalp. It helps prevent the hair oil from spreading across the entire hair or hands, minimizing waste. Ideal for use in hair salons or by individuals looking to address scalp itchiness, hair loss, dandruff, split ends, and other related concerns.

Multifunction: Work with any hair solution, scalp conditioner, growth oil, medicated shampoos, hair oils, Hair Loss, Dandruff, Hair Bifurcate Issues, improved scalp Itch, Hair Conditioner, Hair Nutrient Solution, Essential Oil, etc. Not suitable for dye hair liquid.

Precision: This hair scalp oil applicator comes with a transparent 6ml scale liquid tank, allowing precise control of the hair oil or liquid volume. The comb's teeth are rounded, ensuring a smooth and comfortable application.

Safe: The root comb applicator bottle is fitted with a silicone cover, minimizing the risk of scalp oil leakage. The entire hairbrush is constructed from safe materials, ensuring a secure and worry-free usage experience.

Scalp Massager: The hair scalp massager features elastic rolling balls and auxiliary comb teeth that conform to your scalp, catering to various hair types, whether curly or straight, fine or thick, long or short. It effectively cleans the oil and scalp at the hair root, relieves itching, and strengthens the hair root.

Scalp Rejuvenate: The hair oil applicator precisely delivers liquid or oil to the hair root, ensuring it doesn't remain on the hair surface. This maintains cleanliness throughout the application process and prevents the wastage of medicinal or essential oils. The applicator is suitable for minoxidil, essence, nutrient solutions, conditioners, essential oils, and more.

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