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Life Good - Purple Color Corrector Toothpaste For White Teeth (30ml)

Life Good - Purple Color Corrector Toothpaste For White Teeth (30ml)

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The safe and easy way to remove yellow and brown stains from your teeth!

Hismile's V34 is a non-invasive brightening treatment. Simply apply the v34 Colour Corrector to your toothbrush like a regular toothpaste, and brush!

How does it work? Life Good Purple Colour Corrector utilises colour correcting technology. Purple is directly opposite yellow on the colour wheel and is therefore its complementary colour, so a water-soluble purple dye is applied to your teeth to cancel out any yellow undertones.

Results: A uniquely developed toothpaste designed to correct and enhance tooth color.

White Teeth: Includes mild whitening agents that work gradually to diminish stains and discoloration on teeth.

Stain Removal: Targets common stains from coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, and aging, restoring natural tooth colour.

Recommendation: Seek advice from a dentist before using, particularly if you have dental conditions or concerns.

Avoid Overuse: Adhere to the suggested usage instructions to avoid excessive whitening and the possibility of enamel sensitivity.

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