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Life Good - Safe & Natural Potty Training Spary for Dog & Cat (Pack of 2) 30ml each

Life Good - Safe & Natural Potty Training Spary for Dog & Cat (Pack of 2) 30ml each

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No More Accidental Pee & Poop! Scientifically formulated to encourage your pet to use the toilet.

Our Simple Solution Pet Toilet Training Aid offers an ideal solution for busy cat parents aiming for a clean and healthy home environment with maximum effectiveness. Scientifically formulated to encourage pets to use the toilet, our training spray reduces housetraining time when used as directed. Safe for both pets and children when used according to instructions.

Skip the yelling and swatting—just spray your chosen potty spot! Our spray speeds up potty training by establishing a designated area, minimizing accidents and mess. It's a gentle, safe alternative to harsh training methods.

How to use: Simply shake well and spray a small amount of the product onto the surface where you want your puppy to urinate. Place your puppy in the area sprayed and allow him to sniff the scent, praise him when he performs well. Continue the training process by re-applying the product and taking your puppy back to the spot frequently. 


  1. Effortless Application: Our Pet Toilet Training spray streamlines housetraining. Simply shake, spray on desired surface, and let your pet sniff. Encourage positive behavior by praising them when done. Repeat process, especially after meals or naps, for optimal results.

  2. Safety First: Formulated with natural ingredients, including a proprietary attractant scent resembling grass, ensuring safe use around pets and children when used as directed.

  3. A Tidier Environment: Not only does our Pet Toilet Training Spray aid in training, but it also tackles stains and odors, leaving your home fresh and sanitized."

Note : Generally, dogs will choose to defecate when they wake up, eat for about 15 minutes or just come out of the cage. All owners should pay attention to more observation. If the dog is in a squatting position and sniffs around, he is looking for the toilet.

INGREDIENTS:Water, Inducer, Plant essential oil, Moisturizer, etc.

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