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Military Grade - Life Good - Push Up Bar 2.0 for Biceps, Triceps, Chest, Back, and Shoulder!

Military Grade - Life Good - Push Up Bar 2.0 for Biceps, Triceps, Chest, Back, and Shoulder!

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Life Good Brings To You The Military Grade Push Up Bar 2.0 For Targeting Upper Body!

14 in 1 board is a game changer for people looking to build their upper body 💪🏻

Military Grade: Push-up 2.0 board for pushups is crafted from durable ABS plastic, featuring a high-quality handle for a secure grip, and anti-skid pads . It evenly distributes pressure, reducing stress on the joints, and comes with a non-slip sticker for added stability. Integrating science, ergonomics, and joint health, this push-up board is both stable and safe. It is designed to efficiently and scientifically enhance and sculpt your muscles.

Convenient: The updated 2.0 push-up board is foldable for enhanced convenience. Easily assemble and store the push-up board and carry it to rooms, gyms, and outdoors. The pushup board features a one-piece design that is easy to carry, store & use, with detailed instructions and professional training guides to maximize your full-body workout.

15 in 1 workout: The colored muscle board facilitates comprehensive upper body muscle training. Simply insert the handle into the corresponding color-coded slot based on the muscle group you want to exercise. The Red section targets chest muscles, Blue focuses on shoulders, Green works the back, and Yellow targets triceps.

No Wrist Pain: Utilize the push-up board for your workout to avoid placing direct pressure on the palms against the ground. This helps prevent ligament damage caused by joint compression and reduces overall body pressure during training. By doing so, you can effectively stretch and exercise your muscles. 

Beginners & Seasoned: Designed for both beginners and professional athletes, our push-up board is a reliable choice. Ideal for men, women, students, or seniors, it's suitable for workouts indoors and outdoors. Whether you're at home, a party, or the gym, you can start exercising anytime and enjoy a rewarding fitness experience!

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