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Life Good - Electric Anti-Bacterial Make-Up Brush Deep Cleaner

Life Good - Electric Anti-Bacterial Make-Up Brush Deep Cleaner

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Always Clean your make-up brush after use. 

Our Life Good Anti-Bacterial Electric Brush Cleaner provides deep cleaning with ultrasonic vibrations, making your brush new, safe, and hygienic to use!

Dual Mode: With its innovative design, this cleaner provides deep and gentle cleaning, effectively removing dirt without causing damage to your makeup brushes. The Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner offers two modes, with the auto mode capable of cleaning multiple brushes simultaneously. The handheld cleaning mode is specifically designed for foundation brushes and concealer brushes.

Widely Compatible: The electric deep cleaner is compatible with a wide variety of makeup brush sizes & silicone cleaning pads. Save time by avoiding the hassle of individually cleaning each makeup brush. The high-capacity makeup brush cleaning machine accommodates various sizes of makeup brushes, allowing you to clean multiple brushes simultaneously. The top silicone capture offers two options: front insertion for storage and reverse insertion for drying.

USB Power Supply: The makeup brush cleaner is designed for effortless operation with a USB plug-and-play power cord. There is no need for assembly; simply connect the cord and clean your makeup brush set directly. The one-click control switch ensures easy operation, and the switch is sensitive, so please be cautious to avoid accidental restarts.

Perfect Gift: Impress your dear ones with this effective makeup brush cleaner. It's an ideal gift for makeup artists, beauty bloggers, or anyone who takes pleasure in maintaining the cleanliness of their tools.

Portable: This compact cosmetic brush cleaner is easily storable and portable. The transparent body allows for a clear view of the cleaning process. It comes with a USB power cable, making it suitable for use in the bedroom, and bathroom, as well as during outings, travel, and work.

5-Day Return: We offer a 5-day return if you don't like our product! Send us a message on FB, Insta or WhatsApp for quick return.

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