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Life Good - Lushful Lash Advanced Eyebrow Growth Serum

Life Good - Lushful Lash Advanced Eyebrow Growth Serum

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Stop using eye brow kajal! Get fuller and thicker eyebrows naturally!

Nourishing Formula for Fuller, Longer, and Healthier Brows – Developed in Clinics, Enhances and Lengthens – Skin-Friendly and Cruelty-Free (5 ML)

Embark on the journey towards achieving the natural, thick, and dark eyebrows you desire with Lushful Lash Eyebrow Growth Enhancement Serum. This serum is designed to elevate the appearance of your eyebrows, promoting a healthier, thicker, and longer look. Tailored to fortify, amplify, lengthen, and thicken your natural eyebrows, Lushful Lash is enriched with all-natural nutrients and moisturizing ingredients. The serum targets the skin cells in and around the eyebrows, creating a healthier foundation and enhancing volume for a more vibrant look

Transform Your Eyebrows with Lushful Lash Enhancing Serum: Experience denser and thicker brows in just weeks of consistent use. Achieve the longer, darker brows you've always desired while promoting nourishment and preventing breakage for healthier-looking eyebrows.

Exceptionally Nourishing with Gentle Ingredients: Infused with potent plant extracts, our serum delicately penetrates the hair follicle roots, enhancing growth for lush, thicker, and darker eyebrows. Perfect for addressing thinning, over-plucked, and tail-less brows.

Effortless Thickening Application: Equipped with a precision fine-tip applicator, easily apply a thin line along your eyebrows in the morning and evening. Simply dip the tip into the bottle once for each eyebrow.

Safe Development in Clinical Settings: Formulated in clinics, Lushful Lash features premium natural ingredients proven to be hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and suitable for sensitive skin. Our product is cruelty-free and has never been tested on animals.

Exceptional Customer Support: Allow a minimum of 60 days of consistent use for optimal results, as eyebrows are the slowest-growing hair on the human body. Our committed customer service team is here to ensure your satisfaction. We welcome and appreciate hearing from you.

How to use: 

  • Remove all makeup and residue. It’s important to wash off any residue on your brows.
  • Apply a line of the eyebrow serum directly to the eyebrows root area, once to twice a day.
  • Let it dry completely before applying additional beauty products.



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