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Life Good: Heavy Duty Premium | Tire Wheel Jack Wrench | Scissor Jack Lift Speed Handle Tool

Life Good: Heavy Duty Premium | Tire Wheel Jack Wrench | Scissor Jack Lift Speed Handle Tool

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Must Have Tool For Every Road Tripper and Car Aficionado! For Effortless Vehicle Lifting. 

The 360° Rotating Head Ratchet Wrench Jack Labor Wrench is designed to assist in the jacking process. This tool facilitates the easy lifting of a vehicle, and it is compatible with a scissor jack for emergency tire replacements during travel. It stands as an essential tool for various outings.

Application:  The 360 Swivel Head ratchet wrench jack labor wrench is designed to complement a scissor jack, making it an ideal tool for emergency tire replacements during travel. It is suitable for use with motorcycles, household vehicles, and SUV off-road vehicles, among others. However, it is not recommended for use with trucks. This tool proves indispensable for various outdoor excursions, ensuring you are well-equipped for unforeseen situations on the road.

Ease: The ergonomic labor-saving wrench features a design with positive and negative direction buttons. Simply press the button to effortlessly switch the torque direction, making it easy to use. This tool is user-friendly and suitable for both men and women.

Heavy Duty Pemium Quality: Crafted from premium metal, the Tire Wheel Jack Wrench boasts a sturdy and compact overall structure. It excels in durability and resists rust, making it a reliable tool.

Physical Characteristics: Weighing 400 gms, the thickness of the auto labor-saving jack ratchet wrench handle is 0.6cm/0.24 inch, the diameter is 2.5cm/0.98 inch, and it can be used for scissor jacks with a thickness of 0.5cm/0.17inch.

Usage: Secure and efficient jack handle features straightforward and user-friendly design. Simply insert the handle into the screw hole and turn it clockwise to elevate the jack to the desired height. The slim handle follows ergonomic principles, and the reinforced ratchet head design adds strength and reduces effort.


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