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Life Good - 7-in-1 Microfiber Electronic Cleaner Kit with Brush

Life Good - 7-in-1 Microfiber Electronic Cleaner Kit with Brush

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Don't Use Your Random Clothes For Cleaning Laptop, Phone, Camera, Earphones, TV! Get The 7-in-1 Microfiber Electronic Cleaner Kit Today.

Go-To Electronic Cleaner: 7-in-1 Laptop Screen & Earbuds Cleaning Tool, featuring an Airpod Cleaning Pen with Silicone Clip, Flocking Sponge & Brush, Keyboard Clip, and Screen Cleaner Spray (No Liquid). Utilizing a genuine Microfiber Retractable keyboard brush and high-quality cleaning cloth, it's designed to meet all your cleaning needs.

Screen Cleaner: Equipped with a 5ml empty spray bottle, you can fill it with a cleaning solution and use a fiber brush to clean various screens. This tool offers cleaning, disinfection, anti-static, and degreasing functions, effectively removing fingerprints and oil stains from mobile phones, computers, tablets, laptops, lenses, and camera screens.

Exclusive Keyboard Cleaner: Keyboard cleaning kit with keycap clips for easy removal of mechanical keyboard keycaps. Use a cleaning brush to effectively remove dust and stains from the gaps in the keyboard. (It is advisable to take a photo to preserve the alphabetical order before disassembling the keyboard).

Earbud Cleaning: Featuring a foldable design with a silicone tip, high-density brush, and flocked sponge, this tool is ideal for cleaning Airpod Pro 1, 2, and any earbuds, along with earbud charging cases and phones. The silicone tip is effective for cleaning crevice stains, while the small, high-density brushes excel at deep cleaning dust from mesh surfaces. Additionally, the flocked sponge is designed for cleaning the charging case's holes.

Easy To Carry: Compact and lightweight for effortless portability, this is an essential cleaning accessory for computers, tablets, and laptops. Ideal for both men and women, it's a perfect gift for students, friends, teachers, office workers, photographers, or anyone who appreciates a gadget cleaning kit.

Package Content: You'll get a single electronic 7-in-1 computer cleaning kit, complete with a dual-head cleaning pen, keycap puller, spray bottle, keyboard brush, and screen wipe. This multifunctional keyboard cleaning kit is designed to fulfill all your cleaning needs

5-Day Return: When you buy from Life Good Company you get a 5-day hassle-free return from the date of delivery.

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