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Life Good - 6 Grid Fridge Storage Premium Boxes Containers For Fruits, Cut Vegetables

Life Good - 6 Grid Fridge Storage Premium Boxes Containers For Fruits, Cut Vegetables

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Store cut fruits and vegetables in style!

  1. 6-in-1 Kitchen Scallion Storage Box: This innovative storage solution features a large tray divided into six independent compartments, offering versatile storage options for various food types.

  2. Food Grade Materials: Crafted from durable, high-quality plastic, our fridge storage boxes are designed to maximize space and ensure food safety. Perfect for storing fruits, vegetables, and other perishables.

  3. Multifunctional Use: This refrigerator storage box is incredibly versatile, allowing you to store a wide range of items such as fruits, vegetables, snacks, and spices. Ideal for salad ingredients, fruits, and even nuts and raisins.

  4. 6 Compartment Food Container: With its six compartments, this storage box meets the diverse storage needs of different foods, including fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Enhances space utilization and can double as regular storage for kitchen essentials.

  5. Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer Safe: Our containers are designed for convenience and durability. They are safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer, making cleanup a breeze and allowing for repeated use.

  6. Draining Crisper Feature: The built-in draining crisper allows for quick draining of food, extending its shelf life in the refrigerator. Perfect for maintaining a tidy fridge and facilitating healthy picnic preparations.

  7. Versatile Containers: Not just for the kitchen, these containers can also be used on tables and desks for organizing food or small items efficiently.

  8. Transparent Air Tight Lid: Comes with a transparent air tight single lid , which maintains freshness and prevents other odours from mixing with the food stored .the transparent design makes it easier to view what is stored inside the box

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